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The Artists

These are the people behind the scenes on the new Programme D'Experience Thought Molecules CD. Each is a talented craftsman dedicated to providing nothing but the highest quality products and services for you, the CD-purchasing consumer. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that each of these people love you in their own special way.

This is Brad Bansner. He plays guitar, bass and keyboards, and does programming for Programme D'Experience. He also writes all the music and handles the recording and production issues. And he does all the promotion. You might say he wears a lot of hats, except that he almost never wears hats.

This is Parker Kenyon. He played flute, soprano and alto saxophones, trumpet and trombone for three songs on Thought Molecules, although not all instruments on all songs. I haven't found a musical instrument yet that Parker couldn't play like a virtuoso. He knows a lot about music and is a cool guy.

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This is Josh Weinfeld. He played fretless bass for the song "Cradle" on Thought Molecules. He also is a great source for used gear, did most of the photography and provides analysis and critique during the writing process. He's a professional photographer and a close friend of Tom Hamilton. Even though he looks really mean in this picture, he's a cool guy.

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This is Layne Strickler. Although he doesn't play any musical instruments, he's really good at listening to music and has a huge CD collection. He designed the CD package art for Thought Molecules, among many others in his portfolio. He's a professional graphic designer and a cool guy.

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