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Parts I and II

The original re-digitized works! Soundscape contains a wide variety of styles that come together to make a single statement. Part I was recorded during 1992-1993 and digitally remixed and remastered in 1995. Part II was digitally recorded during 1995-1997. Another enjoyable album from BB Arts, order your copy today!

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Cover artwork by
Brad Bansner

Charged Ion Multiplier 1:51 mp3 RealPlayer
Give Me Oxygen 6:28 mp3 RealPlayer
Flippin 4:28 mp3 RealPlayer
Bignote 1:15 mp3 RealPlayer
Opus 4 3:28 mp3 RealPlayer
Primal Stuff 2:52 mp3 RealPlayer
Program for Experience 5:42 mp3 RealPlayer
Acid Rat 1:10 mp3 RealPlayer
Good Shit 1:18 mp3 RealPlayer
Physical Reaction 2:42 mp3 RealPlayer
222 3:09 mp3 RealPlayer