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Programme D'Experience
Thought Molecules

This CD contains over 50 minutes of instrumental music recorded during 2001 and 2002. A new digital studio, plus guest musicians Parker Kenyon and Josh Weinfeld, make this an extremely dynamic and enjoyable album. Listen to the clips below and order your copy today!

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Cover artwork by
Layne Strickler Design

Premonition 0:52  
An Eye for an Orange 3:40 mp3 clip
Closed Circuit 5:38 mp3 clip
Bit of It 0:43  
Science of No Science 2:58 mp3 clip download song!
Fingers Aligned (Light) 2:11  
Programme Divine 4:24 mp3 clip download song!
Fingers Aligned (Dark) 2:23  
Twinkle 5:11 mp3 clip
Round Unwound 1:22  
Beyond Experience 6:03 mp3 clip
Deep Engine 3:54  
Cradle 4:00 mp3 clip

New Track
Requiem for a Machine

A brand new Programme D'Experience track, Requiem for a Machine, is available for download by clicking the link below. This song was written after the release of Thought Molecules and is currently not available on any CD.

Requiem for a Machine 2:01 download song!